Lu Vurghe


Lu Vurghe, the open-air sulfur hot springs of the Marche region …
In the Marche region, there is certainly no shortage of such free wellness destinations: just think of the sulfur springs of the Sentino River at the Frasassi Gorge or the natural pools of Borgo Pace, not to mention the countless waterfalls where you can regenerate thanks to the cool water temperatures such as those at Sturo della Piscia.

Lu Vurghe are artificial pools with warm sulfurous waters that flow out at a temperature of about 30 degrees.
Artificial because these are 3 comfortable pools created after a redevelopment of the area that allowed the reopening of this amazing place from 2019.

The hot springs are located in Acquasanta Terme, more specifically in the hamlet of Santa Maria di Maggese.
The precise point beyond which you will not be able to enter with your car coincides with the ASA Speleoclub headquarters but be aware that the area does not allow more than 4/5 vehicles to park.

From the parking lot to get to the springs, simply follow the wooden sign indicating “Lu Vurghe 400mt.”
The path is downhill, featuring steps and a small section with ropes that act as handrails
and will prevent you from slipping.
It is a 10-minute walk that, however, is not accessible to wheelchairs or strollers.
A day at Lu Vurghe can be described as regenerating: bathing and relaxing in the sulfur pools is a pampering we should all indulge in!