Forcella Waterfalls


Forcella Waterfalls

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The Forcella waterfalls are located in the fractiont of the same name in the municipality of Roccafluvione, just over 20 km from Ascoli Piceno …
We will have to leave the car in front of the Fortress Church of San Giovanni and from there continue on foot along the path. This small building has a special feature: in the tower is the oldest Dovecote in the Piceno region.

At first the route is very wide, then it narrows a little, but it is still very comfortable. The entire route is practically shaded. The walk takes just over 10 minutes. Along the way you pass an old mill, the Pompili Mill, which has now been converted into an accommodation facility.

An ideal place to fight the summer heat and spend some time relaxing and maybe go for a swim!

The waterfall cascades into a natural pool of clear water and forms a stream that in its downstream course forms other small waterfalls and gives rise to picture-postcard scenery.
In front of the waterfall is a fenced-in grass area with deck chairs and a gazebo, and is used by guests of the Mulino and the Arcera farmhouse.

The beds are available on the first floor, while on the ground floor the four millstones make a good show of themselves, and are distributed over two bedrooms (one double), which together with the kitchenette and bathroom complete the accommodation.